I am so excited to bring 20 years of experience to you. Whether it's a red carpet event, wedding, special occasion, or you want to learn how to feel your best, I am here to help you achieve those goals. And let's not forget the men. With extensive training in celebrity male grooming, it's not about "makeup"; it's about ensuring they feel and look their best on such a special day as well. Keep reading to learn more about my unique approach

Now based in Austin, Texas, after an extensive career in Los Angeles, I bring my red carpet expertise to the heart of Texas. Born and raised in California, My approach to beauty is deeply influenced by the incredible nature the state has to offer. This background, combined with my experience working with multiple VIP clients, top-tier brands, and high-profile projects in the entertainment industry, has profoundly shaped who I am and what I offer.


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I am Desirae Cherman, a makeup artist and groomer passionate about enhancing natural beauty. With an innate artistic flair, I draw inspiration from the vibrant colors and textures of my surroundings, which I translate into my signature makeup style: natural, glowing, and punctuated with playful pops of color.

 celebrity makeup artist bringing my red carpet aesthetic to the heart of texas!


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